Exploring AVMs

AVM data from Fahe

Of the 44 loans provided by Fahe, 33 had an AVM match, or 75 percent.

AVM Differences

Average difference Median difference Standard deviation of difference
$-1,530.30 $1,000 $16,550.08

The median difference is very small, while the mean is large, reflecting the large standard deviation of the difference between AVM value and the appraisal value. 12.1% of the differences are within $1,000; 45.5% of the differences are within $5,000; and 66.7% of the differences are within $10,000.

Difference by loan amount

Of the 6 appraisals under $100,000 in the loans provided, 4 had a match. This is slightly lower then the match rate for larger loans, but the sample is too small to draw a conclusion.

For loans that did have an AVM match, the differences between the AVM and the manual appraisal were modest.

AVM data from First American